Staying Connected During Events

Spring has finally arrived, which means warm-weather events are starting to pop up everywhere. It’s the season for home and garden shows, baseball and soccer games, concerts, and festivals. These events are fun for attendees, but stressful for organizers and employees, especially when trying to stay in contact with one another.

We’ve written about the importance of staying connected via office phone systems before, but how do you maintain that same level of communication at an event? Group texts can become confusing and messages can get lost if each employee doesn’t have every contact saved. Emails can create long threads, where scrolling through an email chain becomes annoying and time-consuming when you’re trying to find information quickly.

Systems like the Mitel MiCollab Client merge the call control capabilities of phone systems with contact management, Dynamic Status and collaboration applications, in order to simplify and enhance real-time communication. This means that through a single access point, you can control your communication with everyone in your organization, on or off the premises.

A MiCollab user who also has Dynamic Extension or Dynamic Extension Express can answer an incoming call directed to their desk phone on a device of their choice – for example, on a cell phone or home phone. It’s like having your entire office on hand, no matter where you are or what device you’re using, making for stress-free communication with quick access to contacts and the emails, files and documents associated with that contact.

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