Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

How often do you clean and organize your computer’s desktop? How about the trash folder and bookmarks? Your actual desk? Like your home, these areas can become cluttered after a week of work, and important files disappear between old stock photos, documents and folders. Not only will this clutter make you feel stressed, but it can also slow down your computer!

If you’re working on your spring cleaning checklist this month, it’s time to add your computer and workspace to the lineup. Here is what you’ll want to accomplish:

1.     Delete unnecessary files: Those funny gifs and memes you downloaded to send to a friend? It’s time to get rid of them! Increase storage and declutter your desktop by deleting these unnecessary files.

2.     Empty the trash: After a big delete session, your computer’s trash file will be overflowing. Make sure there isn’t anything important and empty the file completely.

3.     Organize: To make files easier to find and de-clutter your virtual workspace, create different folders for clients, images, important documents and past work. You can also move old files to an external hard drive to free up storage space while ensuring your files will be safe and sound! Go ahead and get rid of old papers and folders around your physical workspace too.

4.     Scan for viruses: If you don’t scan for viruses regularly but use the internet often, your spring cleaning day is a good time to do so. It’s also a great time to look into network and desktop monitoring to stay safe and avoid spending time on this task in the future!

5.     Disinfect: This past flu season has been a rough one, and it’s not over yet! See our previous blog post on Germ-Free Tips for Technology.

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