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Those who are familiar with Starleaf Breeze know that it is one of the easiest-to-use video conferencing solutions available today. This system provides a greater user experience for everyone involved by avoiding audio interruptions, frozen screens and disconnected users, no matter how far away. It’s perfect for offices with remote workers, national or international clients, or for those that hope to have some.

StarLeaf is the affordable, scalable video conferencing solutions for businesses with anywhere from five to 500 employees, and their app makes it even easier!

The StarLeaf App works anywhere, on any device, making your system even more accessible for employees to collaborate, share and discuss ideas easily while at work and on the move, and is completely interoperable with other third-party video calling devices. This means that even if an employee is stuck at the airport, at a conference, or anywhere else outside of the office, they can still participate in important calls and video chats at the touch of a button.

The App also operates with your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, and can be installed on new devices in a matter of minutes without any specialist knowledge or skills. Despite being accessible on any network and connection, all of your sensitive information can be protected and controlled through a comprehensive admin portal – allowing you to quickly remove users and data.

With a business version of the App, you also gain access to StarLeaf app support, a desktop subscription, and a larger amount of meeting participates for your network.

If you don’t currently have StarLeaf Breeze and are ready to utilize the system to make video communication easier and more affordable, Call us today at (757) 497-3100 to schedule demo of any of the StarLeaf video conferencing products.

If you already have the system and wish to install the app for even better communication with clients and employees, download it now through the StarLeaf website.