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Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Mega Mixer

BCS Is Presenting Sponsor or Hampton Roads Chamber Monster Mega Mixer

BCS Voice & Data Solutions is the proud presenting sponsor of this year’s Hampton Roads Chamber Monster Mega Mixer! This is the event of the year that highlights the region’s business community and provides for an excellent networking opportunity.

Come on out and see all of the businesses on display, and be sure to stop by the BCS Voice & Data Solutions table for your chance to win some cool prizes!

Event Details:
When: Monday, October 26th, 2020 (4:30 – 7:30 pm)
Where: The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center
4535 Commerce St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Keeping Your Wireless Network Secure

Wireless networking means the improved access and availability of data, leading to an overall increase in your team’s productivity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without cost. When a wireless network is installed, there are added security risks that come along with it. It’s important to understand and take the appropriate steps to safeguard your data and infrastructure. As your network-integration partner, BCS takes security seriously, guiding you in keeping your wireless network secure. Here are a few wireless networking security basics to start with:

Change default settings.
With a new wireless network, we recommend creating unique usernames and passwords, just as in your personal life. Change the default router network name and password promptly. Often, the default router name contains information about the type of router you have, which hackers use to access network passwords. To further protect your data, make it a habit to update passwords regularly. 

Limit access to authorized users. Keep your wireless network safe by only allowing employees or other approved individuals access. Give visitors and the public a guest wireless network to prevent them from infecting your network with a virus. Consider limiting your wireless signal strength as well, setting it to cover only the areas that need access to your network.

Utilize wireless encryption. Wireless encryption secures your data by requiring users to authenticate themselves when connecting to your network. Multiple encryption protocols are available, so be sure to choose one that works with your router and provides the level of protection you need.

Don’t overlook physical security. Keeping the hardware and equipment of your system safe is just as important as protecting your wireless data. Place all network equipment, including routers, access points, adapters and range extenders out of sight and secured from the public and visitors. For extra security, lock equipment in a cabinet or consider video surveillance options.

As a full service wireless networking provider, BCS provides uncompromised security of your data and infrastructure. Call us at (800) 365-8067 to learn how we can assist you with your wireless networking needs. 

Video conference room

Your Next Decade of Conference Calling

Don’t you sometimes wish that conference calls were… easy? We get it! With most providers, telephone conferencing is a horrible experience. Lines are dropped, important people can’t dial in and there’s static or an echo coming through that no one knows how to stop. We’ve all been there.

That’s exactly what the experts at BCS know how to fix.

With our technology and experience, conference calls may just become the easiest part of the day. Make this the year to finally create a clear, crisp and easy-to-use environment for clients, prospects and employees.

The BCS Voice and Data team creates individualized solutions for our clients, especially when it comes to phone and video conferencing. For some companies, the solution is as simple as replacing an aging phone system with a cloud-based phone system and newer, more robust hardware. Other clients, particularly those with high call volumes or a variety of geographic locations to connect with, benefit from a fully remodeled and re-outfitted conference room. Still other clients are in need of high-quality video-conferencing solutions. The type that beat consumer-grade video calling technology in terms of ease, image clarity, call quality and integration with the cloud. Then again, some clients need all of the above!

Whatever your needs, we know that selecting the right business telephone and conferencing systems is a daunting task. We’ve helped thousands of clients and find consistent questions and functions that need to be addressed with all, no matter what size the business. Take a look at our guide to choosing the right system for your business for guidance.

Want to make conference calls less stressful and more collaborative for you and your business this year? BCS can help you find the perfect solution and dominate your business’ technology in 2020. Give us a call today at (757) 497-3100 or contact us online.

office worker at computer

Quick Tech Gift Guide

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably already looking at gifts for office colleagues. With everyone trying to do more during their workday, we suggest gifting coworkers and employees with useful technologies that help them do just that! Become the best gift-giver this year with these tech tools that will make everyone’s lives easier and help your workplace run smoothly: 

Bluetooth Headphones

Do you have employees who are always on the phone? A customer service agent requires a crisp, great-sounding headset with a great connection to deliver the best service possible. 

Bluetooth headphones are updated versions of bulky over-the-ear headsets. These make great gifts, but also make life easier when you are multitasking or on the go.

E-Tip Gloves

E-Tip gloves may not be a tech item, but they make using your tech a lot easier in the winter.

Keeping endless lists, taking notes and staying in constant contact means using touch screens to do it all. No one wants to take off their gloves just to open their phone or answer a text! Help everyone hurdle this inconvenient frustration with a nice pair of E-tip gloves.


If your team is frequently on the go, meeting with clients or collaborating with one another, having a tablet is a convenient way to keep the software and information they need at their fingertips. If you’ve invested in virtualization, your employees can access what they need and join video conferences on the go with helpful apps available from Starleaf and other brands.

These three items help your colleagues free up time and be more efficient in and out of the office. To learn more about the solutions that BCS offers to keep your office running smoothly, give us a call at (757) 497-3100, or use our online contact form.

Why You Need an IT Support Company That’s Been Around as Long as the Oldest Millennials

Did you know that BCS was founded “way back” in 1983? We started by offering business telephone systems and structured cabling (services and products that are still important parts of our business). We grew through the 80s and 90s and evolved alongside the rapidly changing technology, increased Internet usage, and rode the waves of just about every IT trend that came along. (read more about our history here). Read more

Interactive Digital Signage Maintenance: Top 3 Tips and Tricks

In December 2018, several McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K. faced an embarrassing PR crisis when a group of researchers discovered some unseemly bacteria on the screens of touch-based ordering kiosks. McDonald’s responded quickly by disinfecting those screens and publicly committing to doing better in the future. This should serve as a big reminder to those who use digital signs, especially interactive ones, to devote resources to cleaning and maintenance! Read more

New Tech to Make Life Easier

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably already looking for gifts for the office and your friends and family at home. You may also already be stressed out, trying to handle everything in the office before the extra days off this season. Thankfully, these new tech updates can make your life easier, and your workplace more efficient:

  1. Bluetooth headphones. New Bluetooth headphones, like Apple’s AirPods, are updated versions of those bulky over-the-ear headsets. These make great gifts, but also make life easier when you are on the go, or in cold weather when you can’t use your phone’s touch screen easily.
  2. Smart Speakers. These devices are great to have at home, but are excellent for the office as well. For your busiest days, smart speakers can tell you the weather and read news highlights while you’re settling in, or play music during your office holiday party. When you have too many items on your monitor and need to know something fast, you can ask your device for the information you need.
  3. Tablets. These portable devices aren’t just for browsing Facebook and watching Netflix anymore. If you are frequently on the go or meeting with clients, having a tablet is a convenient way to take and present notes without carrying around loose paper, or getting work done when you don’t have an internet connection available. With the great Apps available from Starleaf and other brands, you can connect with your employees access information remotely.

These three tech updates are a great addition to any office, but not if your systems are failing. To learn more about the solutions that BCS offers to keep your office running smoothly, give us a call at (757) 497-3100, or use our online contact form.

Protecting Your Data

If you’ve been keeping up with tech news so far this year, you may be aware of new insight that Google provided on who may have access to your data. They found that hackers could find your stored information in cloud services through your device’s processors. If your business, like many others, relies on computers, tablets and phones to store important information and communicate with clients and employees, this news may be frightening.

Read more

Streamline Cloud Communications and Lower TCO with MiCloud

cloud storage services

Mitel helps service providers streamline cloud communications and lower TCO with MiCloud

New features expand on Mitel’s ‘speed-to-market’ advantages.

Mitel has added new features to its MiCloud portfolio aimed at helping service providers quickly deliver cloud communications to their customers. Additionally, the latest release of the MiCloud solution contains a number of enhancements to help service providers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) even further.

This coincides with news from Synergy Research Group that Mitel is the global market share leader for cloud business communications based on subscribers and seats, with nearly 20% worldwide.

“Customer interest in our Mitel-powered cloud communications solution has been growing as customers seek flexible, affordable communications solutions that fit their unique business needs. MiCloud’s new features further strengthen our offering increasing our scale up into large enterprises while adding even more mobility for our SMB customers,” said Bertrand Laurioz, Telecom BU Director, Hub One.

A comprehensive cloud communications solution, MiCloud powers Mitel’s own cloud services as well as providing the platform for a growing number of service providers. MiCloud enables service providers to customize solutions to reach their target audience, from small-to-medium size businesses up to large enterprises. New features enhance mobility, increase scalability for enterprise customers and further tighten integration with popular applications including and Google Business Applications.

Lower TCO

With more features now included in Mitel’s licence bundles, MiCloud offers even more functionality at a lower cost. These include features aimed at supporting an increasingly mobile workforce. Additionally, Mitel has streamlined the provisioning, management and support of Mitel users to further lower the TCO.

Flexibility and speed to market

New features for MiCloud simplify provisioning of new services, helping service providers to quickly configure, upgrade or downgrade service bundles. Not only does this accelerate the on boarding of new customers, it also allows service providers to easily provide attractive new ‘try and buy’ promotional offerings.

To help service providers quickly deploy a new MiCloud solution, or to help optimize existing services, Mitel has introduced standardized and tested solution blueprints and an expanded suite of professional services.

“Mitel now offers what we believe is not only the most compelling cloud communications solution for service providers, but also the most price-competitive offering for their customers,” said Andy Bull, managing director of Mitel South Africa. “This lowers initial costs, and more importantly, the long-term total cost of ownership.”

MiCloud powers more than 33 million cloud connections per day. Solutions include applications for unified communications, audio and video collaboration, and contact centers.

For more information please visit Mitel.

Provided by Mitel.

Business Phone Systems? Don’t Trust Just Anyone.

When it comes to business communications and modern phone systems, there are plenty of options to consider–so many that it can get overwhelming (See: Looking for a New Business Phone System: 10 Terms to Know). As a business owner, you are making an important investment in your future and the future of your employees. How do you choose the right phone system, and perhaps more critically, how do you choose the right communications provider? To answer the first question, check out “Mitel Business Phone Systems: Which One is Right for You?“. To answer the second question read on.

Top 5 Qualities to Look for in a Business Phone System Provider

1. Confident and knowledgeable about the products they sell. Many business communications companies leave it entirely to the consumer to research, compare and learn the ins-and-outs of a new business phone system. These companies act like little more than a middle man for phone system manufacturers and place little stock in the products. Choose a provider that loves what they do and is passionate about what they’re selling.

2. Offers reliable ground support. What’s the use of spending a great deal of money on a new phone system if installation and user training is disjointed and sub-par thanks to a provider headquartered across the country or even overseas? System installation, training, maintenance and repair should be a breeze for the client. Choose a provider that is geographically close and makes IT support top priority.

3. Provides knowledge and expertise in the broad spectrum of business communication issues. These days, a company’s communication strategy is anything but simple. The phone system is tied to the Internet service is tied to the cloud is tied to the private network is tied to the cabling.….you get the picture. Choose a provider that understands and is able to address the complex mechanics of the latest advancements in information technology.

4. Understands local challenges and circumstances facing your business.  Much like using a communications company with on-point ground support, we recommend joining with a local or regional company to manage your communication needs. Choose a provider that knows what you’re up against and can integrate that knowledge into its technology recommendations.

5. Is as invested in your company’s success as you are. Pretty self-explanatory. Choose a provider that does more than drop a phone system in your lap and collect their money. Choose a provider that wants to see your company grow, evolve and come out on top.

At BCS Voice and Data Solutions, our mission is “to provide our clients consulting, hardware, and services that maximize the value and effectiveness of their business technology,” and to do so with the previous five qualities constantly in mind. If you are in Hampton Roads, Virginia or the Mid-Atlantic region and are in the market for a new business phone system, unified communications solution, or IT support and outsourcing, contact us today.