office worker at computer

Quick Tech Gift Guide

With the holidays approaching, you’re probably already looking at gifts for office colleagues. With everyone trying to do more during their workday, we suggest gifting coworkers and employees with useful technologies that help them do just that! Become the best gift-giver this year with these tech tools that will make everyone’s lives easier and help your workplace run smoothly: 

Bluetooth Headphones

Do you have employees who are always on the phone? A customer service agent requires a crisp, great-sounding headset with a great connection to deliver the best service possible. 

Bluetooth headphones are updated versions of bulky over-the-ear headsets. These make great gifts, but also make life easier when you are multitasking or on the go.

E-Tip Gloves

E-Tip gloves may not be a tech item, but they make using your tech a lot easier in the winter.

Keeping endless lists, taking notes and staying in constant contact means using touch screens to do it all. No one wants to take off their gloves just to open their phone or answer a text! Help everyone hurdle this inconvenient frustration with a nice pair of E-tip gloves.


If your team is frequently on the go, meeting with clients or collaborating with one another, having a tablet is a convenient way to keep the software and information they need at their fingertips. If you’ve invested in virtualization, your employees can access what they need and join video conferences on the go with helpful apps available from Starleaf and other brands.

These three items help your colleagues free up time and be more efficient in and out of the office. To learn more about the solutions that BCS offers to keep your office running smoothly, give us a call at (757) 497-3100, or use our online contact form.