3 Useful Tech Updates

With the quickness at which new technology is rolled out in 2018, keeping up with updates and new devices can be overwhelming, and may make you want to retreat away from phones and computers all together. We know it can be annoying and time-consuming to even update your devices, but these three useful updates may just convince you:

  1. Cloud-based sharing. Sending photos to your friends is easier than ever when you share them via icloud or similar devices, and on some devices, you can even share wifi networks with your contacts, allowing them to connect without finding and typing in a password. Make sure your device offers these services and has the latest version to use them. This tool is much faster than messaging or emailing, and downloads automatically to your computer or phone.
  2. Money-sharing apps. Nobody writes checks anymore, and few carry cash. So, how do you pay your coworker back for lunch? Money-sharing apps allow you to connect to your bank account and send your friends money, either instantly (with a fee) or within a few days. Be sure to check reviews or with your bank to make sure the app you pick is safe to connect.
  3. Banking apps. Does your bank have an app? If so, it can save you a trip to the bank to deposit checks with online depositing, or allow you to transfer money instantly if one account is running low and you need to make a purchase.

If you’re updated on the latest tech trends at home, but haven’t updated your work systems yet, check out our services to see what we offer. We continuously follow technological developments to introduce the best possible products! Contact us today to learn more and for select case studies relevant to your industry.