Encouraging Communication

Have you ever had that employee that just can’t bring themselves to make phone calls? With the way most businesses run, phone calls, emails and video conferencing are taking the place of in-person meetings between clients and other employees. This means that the employee avoiding phone calls may not be communicating with clients and coworkers much at all!

We’ve written before about the importance of telephone etiquette, which is often the first step in encouraging your employees to pick up the phone. People who have recently entered the work force may have an added fear factor from not having much experience on formal phone calls.

As with any activity, habits picked up in the office are often learned behaviors. Encourage your employees to pick up the phone by doing so yourself. If you have the time, instead of having your secretary or office manager pass messages throughout the office, pick up the phone and relay the message yourself. This will get them comfortable with picking up the phone without notice or an agenda, and they will get more familiar with the buttons and functions.

Another step is confirming your employees understand how the phone system works, and making sure it is easy to use. So many of us are used to making calls easily from our cell phones, and your employee may be avoiding making out-of-state calls because they just don’t know how! It is a great idea to include a phone system guide in your employee welcome packet.

If your office is having trouble making calls because your phones don’t work properly or are too complicated, it may be time for a new system. Whether you’re looking for something new or used, the experts at BCS Voice and Data Solutions can help you find the perfect phone system to get your employees excited about having good communication with your clients! Contact us today for a consultation.