Why You Need a Huddle Room

It used to be that company meetings were always held in big, elaborate boardrooms. While full-scale boardrooms are still relevant and necessary for some businesses and industries, many business owners are realizing that meeting-space needs are changing. More workers are telecommuting and the structure of the traditional office is shifting to smaller collaborative teams.  Enter the convenience and innovation of the huddle room.

What is a Huddle Room?

A huddle room is a small room or section of an open space that can support several meeting attendees. It is typically set up with a flat panel display, a small table and AV equipment (camera, microphone and/or virtual communication hub). While we are definitely seeing more huddle rooms in “traditional” offices, they are a very common feature of open offices.


Huddle rooms are the future of meetings thanks to their:

  • Flexibility. No need to schedule time in a full conference room. The affordability and space-consciousness of huddle rooms make it easy to hold meetings at a moment’s notice.
  • Accommodation of small groups. Everyone loves a good staff meeting, right? Well, maybe not everyone. Streamline and get more productive with condensed meetings with fewer team members.
  • Affordability. Rather than incur the cost of setting up one or more full-featured conference rooms, small to medium sized businesses can take advantage of the lower price point associated with huddle rooms. But lower cost does not mean fewer features. A huddle room designed by an IT professional will give you everything you need to knock phone and video conferences out of the park without the commitment to a full conference room.
  • Space-consciousness. This one may seem pretty obvious based on what we’ve said so far, but one of the greatest benefits of a huddle room is the office space you save.

One of the more significant components of a huddle room for most organizations is video conferencing equipment, which just so happens to be our specialty at BCS Voice & Data. Sure, we can help build you a complex, impressive conference room. We can also utilize StarLeaf technology to set up a huddle room that meets or exceeds your business’s needs. Call now for more information at (757) 497-3100.