How to Stay Connected with Remote Employees

As more and more positions in today’s job market allow employees to work remotely, it is important to stay connected. Remote employees may often feel left out of office conversations or miss out on important client information if they are not actively engaged with coworkers. If your company utilizes employees that work remotely, consider these tips to keep your team connected:

1.     Utilize video calls: When having team meetings, including remote employees through video conferencing ensures interactions with more engaged conversation and active idea flow. Though phone conferencing can be great too, face-to-face exchanges establish a better understanding of goals and decrease the possibility of misinterpretation. Systems like StarLeaf make video conferencing so easy to use that you’ll wish you always had it!

2.     Be inclusive: Sharing new ideas or a funny video around the office? Be sure to send small day-to-day snippets to remote employees as well. Making these employees feel included will motivate them to build connections with those who work out of the office and support healthy competition and the desire to work harder alongside everyone else. Set up a conferencing system like Mitel that is easily accessible for employees to connect, even when the boss isn’t there to schedule meetings.

3.     Check in: Whether this means weekly calls or just a daily email, check in with your remote employees to display their value to you and the company. Discuss what they are working on and let them know where they are really standing out to keep them excited about projects and improving efficiency, while showing others that communication is important and effective.


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