What Makes an Interactive Whiteboard Better?

Whether you are part of a company that strives to impress clients or a teacher at a school that wishes to really engage its students, your tools for giving presentations can make all the difference. As technology moves fast, more and more business and education tools are becoming available online. One way to harness what is available online while incorporating your own ideas to captivate your audience is to use an Interactive Whiteboard.

For schools, interactive whiteboards provide a way for teachers to utilize online resources without losing the attention of students. These boards combine the concepts of dry-erase whiteboards and projectors, allowing you to write the same as you would on a normal board, but directly on material, and without worrying about switching projector sheets or wasteful markers that dry out quickly.

Students will be more excited about classroom lessons with the prospect of using the technology themselves, creating a fun and focused learning environment. Interactive whiteboards can be great for educational games and activities in which students can directly engage with the material and interact with their peers. Students can also present their own ideas, and will be more motivated about assigned presentations and group projects!

For businesses, interactive whiteboards offer the opportunity to project charts and graphs as you normally would, but with the option of using the interactive touch screen to manipulate content and add new thoughts and ideas. When new viewpoints are presented by you or your audience, you can quickly write them down directly on the document, giving you the option of saving these notes so that you can send them later.

With an interactive whiteboard, your clients and coworkers will be more actively engaged in the presentation without the distraction of taking their own notes.

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