Interactive Digital Signage Maintenance: Top 3 Tips and Tricks

In December 2018, several McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K. faced an embarrassing PR crisis when a group of researchers discovered some unseemly bacteria on the screens of touch-based ordering kiosks. McDonald’s responded quickly by disinfecting those screens and publicly committing to doing better in the future. This should serve as a big reminder to those who use digital signs, especially interactive ones, to devote resources to cleaning and maintenance!

If your company utilizes digital signage to enhance the customer experience, whether through informational displays (menus, directional signs, etc) or through interactive displays (ordering or registration kiosks), there are three big things you can do to make sure your technology stays clean and functional!

1. Clean Those Screens
This is pretty simple, right? Businesses that use interactive touch screens of any kind should clean them daily with screen-safe antimicrobial wipes. For an extra layer of protection against the bad stuff, invest in a hand sanitizing station for customers to use before touching the screens. This not only wards off diseases—it also helps maintain the screen over time. Even if your business doesn’t utilize interactive touch-based signage, it’s still a smart idea to clean screens regularly and safely–if only to maintain the glass surface.

2. Keep Software Up to Date
When your digital signage is first installed, it runs smoothly and has the desired effect on your customers. Over time, however, many business owners forget about the digital component of the sign and let software versions lapse. This leads to slower response times, glitches, and even total failure of the signs. With this in mind, it is critical to make sure that your signage is running on current software. BCS specializes in maintaining digital signs and their network infrastructure, so if you aren’t sure if your sign is “with it” software wise, give us a call.

3. Maintain That Hardware
Regularly cleaning screens is just one aspect of physical digital signage maintenance. You should also periodically check the frames, wall anchors, and cables for outward signs of wear and tear. Failing to do so can result in cracked screens, wall damage, and even electrical accidents. Modern digital sign hardware, especially the brands and models we sell at BCS, do not depreciate quickly. In fact, we find that clients can keep the physical signage infrastructure for years before noticing any visible wear. That said, it is still smart to inspect your equipment for anything that seems out of the ordinary.

The costs of maintaining digital signs is nothing compared to the costs of regularly updating static physical signage. If you are interested in learning more about installing a digital sign, electronic billboard, or interactive digital screen, call BCS today at (757) 497-3100 or contact us online.