You Deserve Better Conference Calls

We’ve all been there. It’s 8am and three out of six participants have joined the call. Carl is unable to get through on the line, no one can hear Jennifer, and the office coffee maker is broken. Ok, that last part has nothing to do with the conference call but it definitely makes the whole situation more of a challenge.

BCS wants to help you and your team look forward to phone and video conference calls in 2019. No matter how many people are on the call or how much you have to cover, our technology and expertise can streamline the process and keep it free of glitches, extra noise, and dropped participants.

For some clients, the solution is something as simple as replacing an antiquated phone system with a cloud-based phone system and newer, more robust hardware. Other clients, particularly those with a high call volume and stakeholders in a variety of different geographic locations, benefit most from a fully remodeled and re-outfitted conference room. Still other clients are in search of high-quality video-conferencing solutions that beat consumer-grade video calling technology in terms of ease, image and call quality and integration with the cloud. Some clients need all of the above!

What would make conference calls less stressful and more collaborative for you and your business this year? BCS can help you answer this question and offer ideas for improving hardware and processes with our wide variety of AV solutions. Give us a call today at (757) 497-3100 or contact us online.