Expand Your Office

What if you had the ability to expand your office beyond one location without having to rent or buy a new space?  If you already have remote workers, this is an easy task. They can meet with existing and potential clients in areas that are too far for someone from the main office to travel to. But without a physical location, can you really call it a branch of your office? With cloud-based phone systems, you can!

We’ve written before about the benefits of having cloud-based business telephone systems for your remote employees. Communication and file sharing is easier than ever, making remote work just as efficient as being in the office. However, if your employee is in frequent communication with your clients or other important contacts, you may be concerned about what it will take to forward calls or make sure they can still be reached.

Thankfully, cloud-based phone systems allow you to connect not only your own phone to your remote employees, but also connect incoming calls to them, without forwarding the call to a different number. This makes communication easier and more efficient for remote employees, making it feel like you have a fully-equipped office in any location, and increasing productivity. You can also add more extensions in the future easily, and customize the phone system to your business’ needs.

For mobile sales people, calls can be routed to and from their cell phone, while still running through the main business numbers.

BCS Voice and Data carries a variety of cloud-based phone systems, and offers IT Support to help keep your offices running, stress-free. We also complete the set up and installation, and train your users to avoid confusion and mistakes once the system is ready. If you’re ready to improve your office systems to stay connected with remote employees, contact BCS Voice & Data today at (757) 497-3100 to find out what will work best for you.