Keeping Your Technology Running Smoothly

Keeping your technology running smoothly means protecting it with network security and IT support, but it also means taking your own actions to make sure your computer and phones aren’t slowing down. You may think that with today’s technology, computers will continue to run smoothly no matter how much you work on them. However, everything needs upkeep, including your technology! Here are some tips to ensure maximum productivity without a slow connection:

  1. Make updates regularly. If you are one of those people who clicks “ignore” on those update notifications, it’s time to stop. Your apps have updates for a reason, and keeping up with them will help them run faster and without glitches. If you keep losing important data because your spreadsheets and documents are shutting down without saving your information, check to see if your apps need an update.
  2. Cleanup your files. If your desktop background is completely covered with downloaded photos and files, or your browser has 50 open tabs, it may be slowing you down. Just like you clean your house regularly, you should clean up the information stored on your computer or phone. Complete a desktop cleanup, close out that email from two weeks ago  and get rid of those funny pictures you sent to your coworkers last Friday.
  3. Cleanup your apps and add-ons. If you have too many apps and add-ons running at once, it could be slowing your computer down. You may not be using it at the moment, but if an app or extension is running in the background, it is competing with the one you are using. Make sure they are closed and delete the ones you no longer use.

If you take these steps and still find that your technology is running slow, it’s time to talk to BCS Voice and Data about our IT Counseling and Support Services. Contact us today at (757) 497-3100 today, or use our online form.