Reasons Why Cyber-Security is Never an Afterthought

Small businesses tend to believe they fall under the radar for a sophisticated cyber-attack. With that thinking, they operate with minimal or no cyber-security. The truth is, these businesses are known for lacking security measures and often targeted. Almost half will experience at least one cyber-attack during their business lifetime. If you’re on the fence about adding security to your operations, here are four reasons to make it a priority.

1. Prevent Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware is a type of malicious software, or malware, designed to deny access to a system or data unless a ransom is paid. It spreads through phishing emails or by unknowingly visiting an infected website. These attacks are especially hurtful to businesses without backups. Prevent your data from being used against you by installing software that protects you from ransomware attacks and have a robust backup program.

2. Defend Mobile Devices
Now, more than ever, professionals conduct business on the go. Cellphones, computers and tablets often connect to your network in a variety of ways. If lost or stolen these devices can become a gateway to an attack. A proper security system allows you to lock, wipe and locate any connected or company-controlled devices, remotely.

3. Protect You and Your Employee’s Data
All companies have sensitive data that needs to be protected, regardless of size or industry. That includes not just your information, but that of employees and customers. Hacking software is easily available and its users look for the social security numbers and banking information entrusted to an organization. A business owner is potentially held accountable for any breach of that trust. Implementing a security solution bolsters encryption, protecting you from hackers and subsequent legal and financial challenges.

4. Block Spam Downloads and Emails
Email communication is a staple for daily business dealings. While most of us are aware of the signs from phishing and spam mail, it’s still easy to miss. It only takes one click for an unprotected PC to suffer the effects of these culprits. Added security protects your business from infections by automatically blocking malicious emails, removing unsafe browser extensions and preventing suspicious downloads.

The bottom line is that IT security shouldn’t be an afterthought. At BCS Voice & Data, we offer solutions and support for any business with safety concerns, and provide additional services depending on your business needs. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about what we offer and how we help keep your data safe.