Keep Employees Focused and Connected During the Holidays

During the holidays, our focus tends to shift from completing the year’s goals at work and maintaining client interaction, to holiday travel plans, gifts and family matters. November and December are also important for completing business goals, setting new ones, and planning budgets. Keeping employees focused and connected during the holidays can be tough, so here are a few tips to help keep them on-task:

1.     Communicate scheduling in advance: One of the biggest stressors and distractions for employees during the holidays can be getting time off. Be sure to communicate holiday work schedules and hours well in advance, and find out the needs of your employees for time off early enough for planning. Having plans worked out ahead of time means less time spent during the busiest days of the year trying to figure out schedule-switching.
2.     Stay connected: Be sure to check in with employees frequently during the holidays. This means asking about projects and numbers to keep them motivated, but also means asking about their own holiday plans and goals to relieve stress and any perceived pressure. You may also want to review goals and project deadlines early on and make task lists to ensure everything is done before time-off begins.
3.     Be flexible: Set expectations for employees before the holidays begin, but remember to be flexible as well. As long as tasks are being completed on time and are well-done, it is a good idea to let employees take the time they need to send packages and other errands that can only be completed during the work day.
4.     Be festive: Setting aside some time in the office for holiday parties and gift exchanges is important for boosting morale and taking a break from stressful deadlines. The holiday season can mean more work, but it doesn’t have to mean no fun!


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