Benefits of Establishing a Guest Wifi for your Business

Business owners and their staff hear one question all too often, “Do you have WiFi?”.  Whether hosting a small business meeting or daily influx of customers, the need for visitors to connect is unavoidable. Granting unlimited access to everyone introduces many security issues, so consider establishing a guest WiFi as a solution. This practice accommodates visitors and protects your company’s network.

A guest WiFi keeps selected users isolated by creating a different SSID from the one your data, devices and software are attached to. You can implement specific restrictions on this network depending on your needs for safety, acceptable policies or usage limits. The many benefits to a properly established visitor connection include:  

Convenience  – High-security networks tend to implement long passwords or require the manual addition of new users. A separate guest WiFi gives people the ability to quickly connect with a simple password and no red tape. This is an appreciated convenience and added benefit of doing business with your organization, helping build customer loyalty.

Maintain Your Bandwidth – Companies rely on fast bandwidth to perform daily tasks and function to the best of their ability. A slowdown to your internet speeds may occur from active users streaming music or videos, or if you have a large number of guests.. A properly configured WiFi keeps your business speeds unaffected.

Protect Your Network – With increasingly sophisticated viruses and malware, choose to safeguard your data and software with preventative action. An additional, secure WiFi portal blocks infected devices and potential malware from infecting your entire network.

Acceptable Use Policies – By requiring acceptable use policies before use, you minimize corporate liability should someone choose to connect to questionable or pirated content.

Be sure to get professional help from a knowledgeable company when implementing a guest WiFi to gain all of the advantages, without jeopardizing your business needs. Not only will you create a better experience for your company, your customers wii appreciate staying connected.