Cloud-based PBX Phone Systems and Hosted Telephone Solutions

Through our partnership with business telecom expert Mitel, BCS is proud to offer the very latest in enterprise-class communication solutions. Take the guesswork out of your small-to-medium sized business’s communication system and streamline business continuity by using a cloud-based PBX phone system like Mitel MiCloud.

When you choose Mitel MiCloud, you get more than a reliable phone system. You get a full-fledged Unified Communications client, top-of-the-line Mitel business phones, and unlimited local and long distance calls—not to mention BCS’s expert IT support and customer service.

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Mitel MiCloud. Your Complete Business Communications Solution


Many companies that provide hosted PBX services offer basic IP hosting, but leave you to figure out the other system components like the phones you will use and the kind of Internet access you will need. At BCS, we believe that handling those details is our job, not yours. That’s why we can’t say enough about Mitel MiCloud. It’s the all-in-one hosted telephone solution that enables you to focus less on communication costs and mechanisms and more on what really matters…communication.

Why Mitel MiCloud?          

With Mitel MiCloud hosted PBX service, you can manage your phone system easily, reliably and in a way that makes sense—all from your PC and all for one low monthly fee.

Mitel MiCloud helps you avoid the unpredictable communications costs that come with a premise-based PBX system and still provides your users with everything they need and more to make business happen…even down to the feature-rich Mitel executive IP phones (one for every user.)   What else can Mitel MiCloud offer your business?

Features Overview

  • Mitel’s feature-rich, intuitive executive class business telephones. One for every user. Already have a set of Mitel IP-enabled phones? Great! Mitel MiCloud will likely work with your existing phones.
  • Customized voicemail capabilities.
  • Mobile device integration, or “Mobile Twinning.” This means that, if you so choose, calls to an employee’s desktop phone can be directly routed to his or her mobile phone. Your remote workers never have to worry about missing a call, no matter how far they are from the office.
  • Trustworthy cloud-based solutions. Thanks to Mitel MiCloud’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), your business’s communication data is being powered by the same secure data centers that large companies use, for a price that fits the budget of a small, but growing, company.
  • MiCloud Auto Attendant. Less downtime means less revenue lost. Mitel MiCloud’s mobile Auto Attendant continues to run your phone system in the event your business goes offline, and it even continues to direct calls to mobile phones with Mobile Twinning.
  • Highly customizable and user-friendly web-based interface. We help you design the PBX structure so that it meets the unique needs of each user.
  • UC Express Client. Streamline your system and make communication happen faster with desktop pop-up caller ID, click to call, and visual call history.

These are just a few of the impressive features of Mitel MiCloud hosted PBX service.

Perhaps the best part of choosing Mitel MiCloud through BCS is that we do all the set up and installation for you and train your users in all facets of the system so they can hit the ground running with no confusion.  And what’s more, if your business ever grows too large for MiCloud’s user capacity and needs to graduate to an on-premises IP-enabled business phone system, BCS can help make that transition seamless, too.

Are you ready to make the switch to a hosted telephone system with Mitel MiCloud? BCS wants to help you get started. Call or contact us to discuss your business’ needs and we will offer you solutions.