Windows Server 2003 Support is Ending

Microsoft is shuttering its Windows Server 2003 support on July 14, 2015. This gives business owners, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals just a few months to replace their systems and migrate to new platforms.

And trust us, you will want to migrate. The end of support from Microsoft means that the 2003 version of Windows Server will not receive any more security updates, will not receive patches for any remaining software bugs, and may not interact well with other (newer) products that companies may integrate with. The software will become a cancer of security risk and outdated technology that will limit the potential growth of your computer systems.

Many business will ultimately have to upgrade, and there are several “next steps” in the migration process that BCS can assist with:

  • The first step is to discover how much of your infrastructure relies on Microsoft Server 2003. This includes applications, workloads, documents, and more. A business that heavily relies on the antiquated service will need to invest more time and more money in their upgrade process, but that business may also stand the most to gain in a well-facilitated upgrade with new opportunity and competitive advantage.
  • In the upgrade process you are likely to find that more than just Microsoft Server 2003 is out of date. Prioritizing all of your applications and workloads that rely on the service will give you a larger picture of your network strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • After researching and prioritizing your current situation and pitfalls (or lack thereof) its time to determine the best migration path for you. This may include transferring to cloud computing and off-site data-centers. Virtualization using the Windows Cloud OS network or Microsoft Azure could be the next big step for your business, but any transition you make will require research and planning.
  • The final step is to build a detailed migration plan that meets the requirements that you have set forth in the steps above. They will give you a detailed list of what you need and help define where your business fits in the growing digital landscape.

The change can be daunting but it also allows for new opportunity and a time to upgrade. BCS can help facilitate the transition to new platforms and ensure that your business reacts in a way that fits your budget and your needs.