3 Things Virtualization Helps You Do

Virtualization isn’t just for companies with a need for huge servers.  Here are 3 ways virtualization can help small and medium sized businesses.

1)  Run old programs or applications.  Sometimes an older program doesn’t run well on newer operating systems.  That industry specific software that you really need every now and then that won’t run on Windows 8 will run just fine on a virtual machine (VM) that’s running XP.  VMware Player has a function called Unity mode, which lets programs running in the VM to look as if they’re running on the host computer.

2) Test updates or new configurations.  Want to make sure that an upgrade isn’t going to bring down the whole system?  Run a copy of your current system in a virtual machine, do the upgrade in the VM and test it for problems or discrepancies.

3) Run multiple operating systems.  Want to try Linux?  You can do it in a VM.  Have some employees working on Macs? They can run Windows in a virtual machine and have access to all the programs their co-workers on PCs do.

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