Untangle Your Cables- Structured Cabling Solutions

It seems like business technology is always moving forward. The frequent innovation and development can make “keeping up” feel like a real challenge for business owners. Since most business owners are solution oriented people, they are always looking for ways to improve their processes and efficiency. One way to help make this happen is to focus on cleaning up and reinforcing technology infrastructure with an organized structured cabling system.

Structured cabling systems may all look similar to one another, but each one is actually quite unique. The architecture of where the system is housed, the types of cables used, and whether or not the system is retrofit, all contribute to the individual complexity. This means that companies with a small IT staff (or none at all) should contact a networking professional to design and build a cabling system that can easily accommodate the company’s particular needs.

Room to Grow

Modern data center cabling is versatile and provides companies with plenty of bandwidth for expansion. An investment in structured cabling infrastructure is really an investment in the future that will help prevent downtime and allow for more users, applications, and hardware as a company grows. It also keeps your data center more organized than a point-to-point system.

If your business is poised to grow, it may be time to better meet its IT requirements with a structured cabling system. BCS Voice & Data will design and install a cabling infrastructure or retrofit an existing one. Go here to learn more about our comprehensive indoor/outdoor cabling and network installation services. Call us now at (757) 497-3100 to schedule a  cabling consultation.