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Tips for a More Professional At-Home Video Conference


With more and more employees from all types of industries all over the world beginning to telecommute, working from home offices, kitchen counters and dining room tables, video conferences have surged in popularity. Once used by remote workers and to stay connected with office locations in other states or countries, video conferencing is now used by schools, entire offices and even fitness studios to stay connected with each other during the COVID-19 crisis. 

While some virtual meetings may be casual in nature, staying at home doesn’t mean professionalism has to be left back at the office. Here are a few tips to keep it professional during your next important video conference: 

  1. Choose your background carefully. Rather than displaying the clutter in your home, choose a space for digital meetings that won’t be distracting to others. A plain wall works wonders, and doesn’t have to be your permanent work space. Use a nightstand, end table or even a barstool as a temporary “tripod.” 
  2. Make sure your space is well-lit. Don’t make others in the meeting squint through yellow lighting or a dark room. Set up your space near a window for natural lighting, or supplement with a few LED lamps. 
  3. Practice video conferencing etiquette. Do you have pets and children in your home? Did you start the dishwasher or a load of laundry right before logging into Zoom? Try to eliminate background noises by choosing a quiet space, or muting your microphone when you aren’t speaking. This is especially important in conferences with multiple attendees. 
  4. Pretend you’re in the office – everyone can see you! When you get ready for your meeting in the morning, know you’re getting dressed to go into the office. Yes, no one will be able to see your sweatpants, but it’s always a good idea to be aware of how you come across to others. You will have to see them in person again soon! It’s also easy to get distracted when others can’t see what you’re looking at, but they will notice if you aren’t paying attention. Close tabs and put away your phone before the meeting.

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