Improving Your Conference Calls

Holding conference calls is one of the biggest necessary evils in the business world. Clients tell us all the time how much they dislike the starts, stops and connectivity issues that go along with teleconferencing and how they wish there was a way to communicate effectively from afar. Well, the first thing we tell these clients is that done right, conference calls can be incredibly easy and productive.

By doing these 3 things before the call starts, you can help ensure a successful conference call.

1. Make the Details Clear to Participants

This includes the date and time (adjusted for time zones), names of all people on the call, and the equipment/applications needed to participate.

Send a reminder or two in the in the days preceding. One of those should be sent on the afternoon before.

2. Set Aside an Organized, Functional and Quiet Space

There are few things worse than conducting a conference call in the middle of a noisy coffee shop or with old and buggy equipment. Make sure your office space is equipped with the technology you need to be in control. That could mean something as simple as a quality business phone and projector or as complex as a an interactive whiteboard and multimedia collaboration hub. The equipment you use should make it easier to get your point across.

3. Test All Components Beforehand

Something worse than conducting a conference call in the middle of a noisy coffee shop? Finding out that half of the call participants can’t hear a word that you are saying thanks to a bad connection. Run a test call before the real deal and you will likely avoid this type of snafu.

BCS specializes in conference rooms for businesses of all sizes. We install, train users and provide support for teleconference equipment. If you need an integrated audiovisual solution, our IT experts can talk you through the best options for your business. Contact BCS Voice and Data Solutions today. Happy conference calling!

Image: Kiatying-Angsulee