What Technology Does a School Need?

With so many students and employees in one system working to direct information and communicate, both public and private schools require a lot of time, detail and attention. We’ve written before on the blog about the things you need to make your business run, but what do you need for a school? Surprisingly, the two are very similar:

Reliable infrastructure: If your school has a computer room, smartboards, projectors and televisions, you’ll need a well-though-out cabling strategy in place. Nothing is more frustrating to a teacher when a planned lesson falls through because of slow technology or downtime!

Network monitoring: The above statement applies to your network as well – a failed network in the middle of a lesson can mean hours of work lost. Most schools don’t have an IT department ready to handle these situations, so having a network monitoring service could save you from stress.

Business phone system: Communication between faculty in schools is essential, and phone systems are the easiest way to contact each other and be sure the other end will answer. An older or unreliable phone system can lead to disconnected calls or calls that are transferred to the wrong person.

Interactive tools: Students are more excited about classroom lessons with the prospect of using the technology themselves. Interactive tools create a fun and focused learning environment, while also cutting back on paper waste and time at the copy machine. Interactive whiteboards can be great for educational games and activities in which students can directly engage with the material and interact with their peers. Students can also present their own ideas, and will be more motivated about assigned presentations and group projects!

Busy teachers and administration don’t have time to manage technology and troubleshoot issues as they come. That’s why outsourcing IT strategy, maintenance, monitoring and repair is a smart choice for many schools. For more information and expert advice on choosing the best options for your school, contact BCS Voice & Data at (757) 497-3100.