Structured Cabling in the Wireless Age

With all of the emphasis on the cloud and wireless connectivity in business technology, it is easy to forget that most systems still require (or greatly benefit from) a reliable cabling infrastructure. Voice and data technology is only as fast and reliable as its underlying support. Businesses have a number of options when it comes to their IT organization, but consider these reasons to upgrade or install structured cabling to support the wireless infrastructure.

Helps Businesses Handle High Volume Activity
While homes and some small businesses only need a wireless network to sustain data flow, most companies need the underpinning of cabling to keep everything running smoothly.

Helps Technology Grow Along With the Business
One of the best features of professionally installed structural cabling is its potential to adapt and be flexible as companies add hardware, users and other components. Most systems are portable, thus making relocation a breeze.

Lessens the Need to Invest in Technology Upgrades
Unlike much of the hardware needed to transfer voice and data, cabling is low maintenance. In many cases, you won’t need to upgrade or replace cabling for up to ten years. Not only that, but because of its high bandwith capacity, cabling will be able to support new and powerful applications with ease.

At BCS Voice and Data, we specialize in custom structured data cable planning and installation. Whether it’s a retrofit of an existing system or new large-scale fiber optic cable installation, we understand the complexities of the technology. To us, structured cabling is an art and we work hard to create custom solutions for our clients that bring them long-term results. Call BCS today at (757) 497-3100 to learn more about our Hampton Roads structured cabling services.