StarLeaf Breeze: The Smart, Scaleable Solution for Video Conferencing

In business, you are required to make a number of decisions every day. Whether deciding on a new hire, choosing the price point for a proposal, or handling purchase orders, there are only so many hours in the day. At BCS Voice & Data, our job to make your days at work easier and more productive. That’s why we are pleased to offer StarLeaf video conferencing technology.

cropped-Starleaf_NO-TAGStarLeaf is the affordable, scaleable video conferencing solutions for businesses with anywhere from five to 500 employees. The hardware StarLeaf offers is state-of-the-art and can outfit a conference room with everything necessary for an excellent, efficient traditional virtual meeting. But for businesses that want the ultimate mobility and adaptability, we offer StarLeaf Breeze. If your desktop or laptop computer has a camera and a microphone, then you are set for success with this option.  Even better StarLeaf Breeze works with most smart phones and tablets, too.

Benefits of StarLeaf Breeze Video Conferencing Include:

  • Complete mobile support. Download the app to your smartphone and have a professional video conferences on the go.
  • Host video calls from anywhere.
  • Works seamlessly with existing voice and video installations like Skype for Business/Lync, Life-size, Polycom, Cisco and more.
  • Easily share desktops, switch between users and conference multiple people on the same call.
  • Support for video voice mail, transferring video calls and similar functions.
  • Unlimited guest invitations for your company. Conference with anyone outside of your business with ease.
  • Simple and intuitive. Even the least tech-savvy person on your team will find it a “breeze” to use.
  • Improves efficiency and decision making for busy teams. Why have an on-site meeting with a client when you can accomplish the same goals without leaving your office?

StarLeaf Breeze is available at no charge to all StarLeaf customers (those who have purchased any StarLeaf hardware endpoints or conferencing packages), and is available to non-hardware clients as well. It supports HD video and works with most operating systems. No matter the technology your business has used previously for video calls, BCS can help you utilize StarLeaf to make video communication easier and more affordable.

Call us today at (757) 497-3100  to schedule demo of any of the StarLeaf video conferencing products.