Our Office Phones are Down. Now What?


It doesn’t matter if you run a law office, a medical practice, or a toy store, having office phones go down is a major problem for any business. Sometimes it takes time to realize that the phones have stopped ringing because calls within the building are still working. Other times, you may find out very quickly when someone tries to dial out. Regardless of how long the phones have been down, there’s always a bit of panic to get them back up as quickly as possible.

If you have VoIP, check that you have internet connectivity.  If the internet is not working, the phones will not work.  If the internet is working normally but you can’t call out or receive calls, resetting your router(s) or integrated access device may solve the problem.  If that isn’t feasible, or doesn’t work, it’s time to call your VoIP provider via a personal cell phone.

While there are many “DIY” VoIP office phones on the market, the support for such an installation may be almost non-existent.  BCS Voice & Data is a local company based in Virginia Beach with a fleet of vehicles and trained technicians that can be onsite anywhere from Richmond to Suffolk to Virginia Beach in short order (depending on Hampton Roads traffic of course).

If you find yourself in a situation where your office phones are down and you’re unable to resolve the problem, call us at 757-497-3100 and we’ll see if we can help your reach a solution.