Your New Year’s Resolution: 365 Days of NO Network Downtime

Did you make any resolutions at the beginning of the month? Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, spend less time on your phone, or save up for that vacation. Whatever you resolved to do, we’re at the point when you may be slipping on those resolutions (no judgment here!). One way to regain control over the positive changes you want to make is to get an accountability partner. This person can help keep you on track and remind you why you started in the first place! You can also carry this principle into the professional sphere.

Maybe you haven’t made concrete “new year’s resolutions” for your business, but we’re sure you have goals that you would like to accomplish in 2017. We have a suggestion: Resolve to totally avoid network downtime this year. Downtime can cause stress, lost productivity, and even loss of revenue. If your company experienced undue network interruptions in 2016, now is the time to make BCS your professional accountability partner.

Our network monitoring services  include:

  • Remote monitoring– We keep you connected from afar and can access any IP-enabled device and take control when necessary. Over 90% of our monitoring services can be delivered remotely.
  • Remote automation– Routine IT tasks no longer need to take up mental space thanks to automation. Things like defragging, back-ups, auto restart and end point security and other manual tasks can happen automatically.
  • Virtual Machine Management–We detect, monitor and manage  VMWware and oversee the key hardware components of ESX and ESXi servers. This allows us to identify and fix the problem before it causes any kind of downtime.
  • Self-healing–When a specified network failure occurs, BCS Network Monitoring automatically detects it and executes a pre-configured solution.
  • Technician Mobility– Our techs can access network monitoring capability from any iOS or Android device. This enables our team to log in and respond to all alerts and activites without being next to the BCS Network Monitoring console, thus increasing efficiency.

The bottom line is this: In the hands of BCS Voice and Data, you don’t need to worry about annoying, detrimental downtime. 365 days of no downtime? It’s like making a resolution that only involves a phone call to BCS. Call us today at (757) 497-3100 to talk more about our Network Monitoring Services.