Mobile Business Solutions


Not all business is done in the office. For companies with sales people, trainers, or repair personnel, on-the-road mobile phone connectivity is vital.  For companies that need mobile connectivity, Mitel Mobile Solutions offers many advantages over regular consumer cell phone plans.  Regular consumer cell phone plans have caps on data, charge extra for the use of a mobile hotspot, and mean yet another separate bill to deal with.

Mitel Mobile can support businesses of all sizes and any industry.  They offer the latest and most popular Android and Blackberry phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy models, as well as USB and wireless mobile hotspot–all for a price much smaller than other major cell phone carriers.  Plus! Mitel offers unlimited talk, text, data and hotspot use on all plans with no overage charges or data throttling.

If you’re looking for mobile phones to unify your office and wireless communications, we have the devices and rate plans that will work for your business.  For more information on how BCS can help your business communicate, call us at 757-497-3100.

BCS is a proud Mitel Exclusive Business Partner.