Digital signs from BCS in Virginia Beach

Let Customers Know You’re Open

With the ever-changing environment around COVID-19, including state and federal regulations, businesses must adapt to keep up. For some, this means updating technology and adding remote phone lines and video conference systems to keep the team connected while working remotely. For others, like restaurants and retail spaces, this means offering curbside pickup, delivery and even creating new online reservation systems for limited seating.

Local requirements are changing almost weekly, and getting the word out online doesn’t ensure every potential customer will see the services you are currently offering. Many stores have settled for outdoor signage letting people know that they are open for business – but what if you could do more?

Digital signage allows you to display any message, at any time. If you are a restaurant offering a rotating menu, or a shopping center where some stores haven’t opened yet, you can show the message you need, and update it as frequently as you’d like as items run out, new retail spaces open or social distance and mask guidelines evolve. However, digital signs can offer more than just sharing a message about menu items or hours of operation. With more businesses trying to minimize interactions between customers and employees, easy-to-clean touch screens are more popular than ever for placing to-go and dine-in orders in areas where indoor seating is allowed.

While digital signage may be a bigger initial investment than a traditional sign, it is more cost-effective over time, especially now as the world moves fast and businesses must keep up to stay open. The cost of printing brochures, menu boards, traditional billboards and posters represents a large part of most marketing budgets. By saving here, businesses can invest more in creating high-quality and compelling content to draw in new customers.

Digital signs from BCS Voice & Data are highly customizable to meet all your advertising and communication needs. We’ll work with you closely to design the perfect solution for your operational requirements and aesthetic tastes.  Contact us today to learn more about options for your business.