Keeping Your Wireless Network Secure

Wireless networking means the improved access and availability of data, leading to an overall increase in your team’s productivity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without cost. When a wireless network is installed, there are added security risks that come along with it. It’s important to understand and take the appropriate steps to safeguard your data and infrastructure. As your network-integration partner, BCS takes security seriously, guiding you in keeping your wireless network secure. Here are a few wireless networking security basics to start with:

Change default settings.
With a new wireless network, we recommend creating unique usernames and passwords, just as in your personal life. Change the default router network name and password promptly. Often, the default router name contains information about the type of router you have, which hackers use to access network passwords. To further protect your data, make it a habit to update passwords regularly. 

Limit access to authorized users. Keep your wireless network safe by only allowing employees or other approved individuals access. Give visitors and the public a guest wireless network to prevent them from infecting your network with a virus. Consider limiting your wireless signal strength as well, setting it to cover only the areas that need access to your network.

Utilize wireless encryption. Wireless encryption secures your data by requiring users to authenticate themselves when connecting to your network. Multiple encryption protocols are available, so be sure to choose one that works with your router and provides the level of protection you need.

Don’t overlook physical security. Keeping the hardware and equipment of your system safe is just as important as protecting your wireless data. Place all network equipment, including routers, access points, adapters and range extenders out of sight and secured from the public and visitors. For extra security, lock equipment in a cabinet or consider video surveillance options.

As a full service wireless networking provider, BCS provides uncompromised security of your data and infrastructure. Call us at (800) 365-8067 to learn how we can assist you with your wireless networking needs.