IT Outsourcing…Is It Right For My Business?

There comes a time for most businesses when growth and increasing success includes larger challenges–especially in the realm of IT. When faced with these technological complexities and strategic decisions, business owners have choices. They can develop and manage an internal IT department, or choose professional IT outsourcing services with a company like BCS.

Which is the smartest choice? The answer depends on the size, staff structure and level of technological expertise of each individual company. However, for many the benefits of outsourcing IT management significantly outweigh those of using internal resources.

Seasoned Experience and a Competitive Edge

All businesses have the need for meticulous IT management, but few have the expertise or the time to carry it out themselves. IT, done well, is a full time job, even for a smaller company.

Building an internal IT department from within your existing staff generally will not provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to keep your mind off strategic IT decisions and on your core business.  Also, bringing self-professed IT experts onto your payroll is expensive and still doesn’t guarantee technical mastery (“certification” does not always equal “experience”).

While we can’t speak for other companies, when you choose IT outsourcing with BCS, we give you real solutions and careful attention. We are your fully staffed, highly experienced IT department whether you are right down the road or across the world.

If you have a capable existing in-house IT department, BCS can act as a support team when you need us. We are only a call away. Our IT support and outsourcing services include:

Whether you are looking for a total outsourcing solution or a small-scale enhancement to your IT department, our Managed Services Plan might be just what you are looking for.
Opting for this plan gives your business:
  • Priority Queuing
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Server Maintenance
  • Network Hardware Maintenance
  • Security Audits and Anti-Virus Updates
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Onsite Labor

When you hire BCS, you can have confidence that your latest IT challenge is nothing we haven’t seen before. Let us be your IT department. Call or contact us for more information and a no obligation estimate.