IT is Your Friend

Navigating technology and IT solutions can seem overwhelming, especially for employees who have no direct involvement with your company’s network. Many choose to leave the technical side of things to the outsourced company, and others may not trust an outside company with their information at all.

However, your IT company doesn’t have to be just a stranger – IT can be your friend! Getting to know your IT company can make you feel better about keeping your data secure, and help things run smoothly when problems arise. Here are a few ways to create a better relationship with your IT company:

  1. Get to know your technician. If your outsourced IT company has employees assigned to your company, be sure to get familiar with the technician assigned to your account! This will make things easier when you need to contact someone about your data or security by knowing who is familiar with your account.
  2. Ask questions. Become familiar with how your data is stored, where it is stored, who has access to files and what the plan is when it comes to a data breach or needing access to a backup by asking questions. There are no dumb questions, and becoming familiar with these procedures will help you trust your outsourced company and make you more knowledgeable about your own network and how IT support works.
  3. Know your services. There may be a service you need that you are unfamiliar with or aren’t sure is right for you. Talk with your IT company to find out every option and set up a service that is tailored to your type of business. For instance, companies who store customer’s personal information will need more backups and security.

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