Improve Client Relationships Through Video Conferencing

How often do you meet with your highest-paying client? How about your lowest-paying client? Do you meet in person or via phone? Do you interact with touch points in-between meetings? Depending on the products or services your company offers, your answers to these questions may be different. No matter what you do, though, customer service is probably near the top of your priority list.

One easy way to both streamline communication with clients and improve the overall relationship is to integrate video conferencing into the customer-relationship-management mix. Read on for the top 3 reasons that your company should boost its use of video conferencing technology ASAP.


1.     Give the gift of less travel time.

Do you have regular in-person meetings with local clients? Whether they come to you or you go to them, someone tacks minutes and even hours onto their workday just getting to the destination. And travel time is rarely productive. Video conferencing allows you and your client to get that face-to-face contact without the burden of a commute. But is having a video conference as relational and productive as being in the room? With the latest video technology, it’s about as close as you can get!

2.     Involve multiple stakeholders with the touch of a button.

When you are dealing with a variety of conflicting schedules and communication needs, sometimes the best option is to have half the room call in! This is a convenient option to offer to clients or contractors who are on the go and allows you to have productive hybrid meetings with fewer scheduling headaches.

3.     Quickly and efficient respond to unexpected issues.

If you work in customer service in any capacity, you know the struggle of troubleshooting a problem over the phone. Video conferencing offers the kind of face time you need to hear and understand the client so that you can resolve the issue on the first try. This is particularly important in the IT sector (as we at BCS well know!), where hard-to-troubleshoot issues always seem to pop up at the least opportune times!

While some businesses may opt to use consumer-grade video conferencing solutions, it is almost always worth it to invest in a full-featured video conferencing system like StarLeaf Breeze. BCS is proud to offer consultation, installation, and customer support for this and other video technology—whether you have 10 users or 500 users onsite or across the world. Contact BCS today or give us a call at (757) 497-3100 to schedule a consultation.