How To Tap Into The Remote Workforce 

New technologies are making it easier than ever to collaborate with teams of freelancers and remote employees. With less overhead, greater flexibility and access to a bigger talent pool, many companies are eager to tap into this modernization advantage. 

BCS Voice and Data is on the front lines, helping businesses upgrade and maintain their systems to reap the benefits of a remote workforce. Clients often ask about the best methods to do so, while maintaining quality communication as if employees never left the building. Here are our suggestions: 

  1. Virtualization: 

If you have an interest in being up-to-date but have yet to virtualize your systems, you’re already behind the curve. Traditional servers not only have a smaller capacity and higher operational costs, but employees have to be in the office and physically connected to the network for reliable access to system resources. BCS Voice and Data uses the industry-leading VMware platform to deliver virtualization to our clients. It’s the single most effective way to reduce expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all business sizes.

  1. VoiP Phone Systems: 

A VoiP phone system breaks down barriers by moving the traditional phone system server out of the building and into the cloud. Workers in the office and remote workers alike share the same features and capabilities of a business phone system–regardless of their location. When employees leave their remote offices, a mobile app allows them to remain connected to the corporate phone system.

  1. A/V Conferencing

The conference room is the “command center” for most businesses. It’s a collaborative environment where ideas are discussed and key decisions are made. Make it more productive by extending it to remote teams and clients. With our audiovisual technology, any company large or small can create a space that allows connections from around the world to access and participate. 

By implementing these technologies, you can open your company to remote employees while maintaining the integrity of your team and even increasing its productivity. Contact BCS Voice and Data today for a consultation or to ask about our services that can keep connected and up-to-date.