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Fighting Bacteria In the Office

Most work environments are an easy place for germs to gather. Large offices, warehouses and schools have hundreds of employees interacting on a daily basis. With an extended cold and flu season among us, companies should take extra measures to ensure their employees are safe and healthy.

Despite the number of employees that use phone systems and computers daily, technology hardware isn’t cleaned as often as it should be. Here are a few tips for keeping technology germ-free during cold and flu season:

1.     Keep hand sanitizer near workstations with phones and computers. Encourage employees to apply it before using devices that others use. Create reminders around the office by posting small signs around frequently used items. This will prevent the transfer of germs for less worry later.

2.     Choose a cleaning product that is safe to use on your devices and distribute it widely. Your best option is to use a disinfectant wipe. You can purchase standard wipes at any grocery store (be sure they aren’t too damp before using), but the least-abrasive type is a technology-specific version, like Wireless Wipes.

3.     Make sure all areas that employees might touch are disinfected. This includes keyboards, computer mouses, cords, screens (especially touch screens), phone key-pads, phone handsets, and interactive whiteboard pens. Ideally, this should be incorporated into your company’s daily cleaning schedule.

Keeping technology germ free means you and your employees will be confident in the safety of your environment. That means everyone can stay healthy, happy and productive.

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