Choosing the Right Structured Cabling Installation Company

If your business is moving, expanding, or simply upgrading your IT and phone network, you will need a dependable, knowledgeable company to handle the structured cabling installation.  Structured cabling is the industry terminology for the computer and communications network infrastructure, and usually involves more than just physical cables.

A network also includes switches, hubs, routers, wireless devices and may even tie into security and access systems.  Unlike devices, though, cables often last for decades, so having the right cabling vendor can make a big difference in future capabilities.

Great structured cabling partners will ask about your current and future network needs, including the number and type of devices, the type of data handled by your business, whether you have video and security needs, the use of wireless and mobile devices, and the potential for business growth and expansion.  While you don’t want to pay for functionality you don’t need, the right vendor will make sure you have a system that will serve your needs in the future, without significant upgrades.

Here are a few additional items to consider and questions to ask:

  • Does the cabling vendor provide on-site and/or remote support?
  • Do they have experience with similar sized businesses or industries?
  • Can they integrate devices, phone systems, servers, etc., or are they simply a cable installer?
  • Can they handle multiple locations.
  • Can they provide initial and ongoing testing for network performance?
  • Will they stand behind their work.

Each structured cabling project is different, from new construction to renovation and expansion.  Your business network is a vital tool and it’s important to make sure you partner with the right vendor, with a history of successful results. If you have questions about your structured cabling and network needs in Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads or throughout the mid-Atlantic region, please contact BCS Voice & Data for a no-obligation conversation.