Benefits of The Toshiba VIPedge and Other Cloud-Based Phone Systems

UnknownNew businesses and small companies can always benefit from enhancing and streamlining communication. Whether that means investing in cutting-edge customer relationship management software or adopting an open floor plan in the office, these organizations like to keep it simple and make it simpler. If you own a business that fits this profile, you understand what it feels like to be responsible for many different defining decisions at once. Choosing the business phone system that is right for your company’s unique needs can be overwhelming thanks the variety of options out there. Some may seem too costly for your small operation or startup while others require a lot of hardware and space. Cloud-based IP phone systems are popular for companies like yours thanks to their flexibility, security and scalability. One such system we trust here at BCS is the Toshiba VIPedge.

The VIPedge is one of Toshiba’s newer products, and unlike the Strata CIX (premise-based) and IP-Edge (hybrid) lines, VIPedge requires no on-site equipment other than the phones themselves. It is perfect for growing businesses that intend to add users and phones over time thanks to the per-user cost structure that requires less up-front capital. But the minimal nature of the set-up does not mean that the VIPedge system skimps on features. It boasts voicemail with unified messaging, call routing, unified communications and messaging, and personalized voicemail–just to name a few.

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