A/V Solution: Projectors

Communicating ideas, figures and numbers to an audience is already difficult – especially with no visual aid. With the availability of technology and the ability to connect your computer to a television, this may seem like the solution. But what about for larger rooms where more people might need to see the screen?

Projectors have come a long way, and are still one of the most affordable and convenient way to display your message. Not sure if a projector is right for you? Check out these examples of where they are commonly used:

  1. Classrooms. Teachers and professors need more than just a whiteboard or a chalkboard, especially when classrooms are maxing at 30 students and lecture halls hold hundreds of students. Visual aids are especially important for some students to retain information, which is why a projector is one of the most essential items for a classroom setting. This extends to professional training rooms as well as in the corporate environment.
  2. Events. All of your favorite TED talks? Inspirational speeches? Public film events? They are using projectors. Just like the way teachers use visual aids, accompanying an important point you’re making with an image will help listeners remember what you’re saying long after the event is over.
  3. Offices. Whether you’re training new employees or presenting statistics to a client, you’re going to have materials to show them. Printing charts out can get confusing for others, especially if you’re moving along quickly and they don’t know where to look. Posters and cardboard visuals can get expensive and can be wasteful if you’re going to throw them out afterwards. Plus, they are hard to edit with last-minute changes. A projector allows you to quickly flip back and forth through pages of information and physically point to where you want your audience to look.

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