Is a Digital Sign Right for Your Business?

Digital signs are a more versatile, interactive way to capture and keep the attention of your intended audience. Whether you’re a business using it for a billboard or a dentist office using a smaller sign in the waiting room, digital signage can provide a form of entertainment for customers and show a wider variety of content than a standard sign. But how do you know if a digital sign is right for your business?

Almost every business can use a digital sign with an understanding of your audience and the space your company occupies. For instance:

  • A company that has little in-office interaction with customers may make more use out of a digital billboard that advertises their expertise in a location with more visibility.
  • Counter-service restaurants like coffee shops can use digital signs to display rotating menus and food items to give customers an idea of what they offer or current specials.
  • Medical offices often use digital signs to offer patients in the waiting room informative information about procedures and care.
  • Companies with larger offices can use digital signs in lobbies for general company information and introductions, directories and upcoming events.

Whether you’re looking to sell a product or provide important information about your company, a digital display sign is the perfect format to use. These signs are easy to update, and can be a great marketing tool with the ability to change content for the time of day, even off-site. Digital signs are perfect for businesses who wish to frequently change the information they display and save money at the printers.

Digital signs and displays from BCS Voice & Data are highly customizable to meet all your advertising and communication needs. We’ll work with you closely to design the perfect solution for your operational requirements and aesthetic tastes.  Contact us today to learn more about options for your business.