3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Virtualization

Virtualization–the business tech craze that’s been sweeping the nation for some time now. For large companies, virtualizing multiple servers on a single server increases efficiency and cuts hardware costs. For small businesses, virtualization manifests itself in the operation of multiple operating systems on a single server and the deployment of virtual desktops. Virtual environments can be of great benefit to business big and small.

Here are three virtualization facts and tid-bits. 

1. A virtual machine allows you to back up entire operating systems and servers. In this way, virtualization of your OS is the ultimate companion to a good data backup strategy. In the event that hackers attack the system, you can simply load the backup and the headache of losing the information framework. This is also your best defense against a natural disaster or other catastrophe.

2. Virtualization lessens the need to replace hardware as frequently. Because you can run new programs and operating systems on older machines through the virtual environment, you don’t need to upgrade physical workstations as often.

3. Browsing the web via a virtual machine protects your physical operating system. When you install a browser on a virtual machine and run it on a desktop, you are not vulnerable to viruses and hack attacks and you won’t see a difference in the speed and functionality of the browser.

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