3 Things to Scare Clients Away

What’s the spookiest part of fall? It’s not always Halloween, horror movies or haunted houses. For the business owner or sales manager, losing clients or potential clients from communication issues can be the most frightening. But, how does it happen? Here are some common problems that can scare clients away:

  1. Never reaching the right person. If your phone system is too complicated and your employees can’t be reached quickly, or the call is dropped t in the process, clients can’t communicate their needs or requests efficiently. Make sure your phone system can handle your business needs, your employees are trained on how to use it effectively and your connection is solid.
  2. Being unprepared. You may have put together a great presentation, but if you can’t access the right files, or your conference room has dated equipment, it may fall flat — and certainly wont impress potential clients. Always have a backup method for storing your information, and consider updating your conference room with the right equipment for video conferencing and presentations.
  3. Down time. If you are a business that runs on technology, it’s important that your network is working at all times. Frequent down time is sure to scare away any clients that are relying on you to make announcements, updates or run their services. IT support and network monitoring can help your office run smoothly, without down time or data breaches.

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