2018 Planning: Budget and IT Goals

October is here, which means the busy holiday season is about to begin. Employees will be leaving for vacations throughout November and December, and the general focus around the office will shift. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to examine your remaining budget and create IT goals for 2018.

First, take a look at the budget from 2017. How was it allocated for equipment upgrades? What is your remaining budget? You can use this information as a base for planning the next year. If you have a budget shortfall from 2017 but still have lagging equipment, consider putting more of the budget for next year to use upgrading systems, or even updating them now through one of our experienced IT consultants. If your budget didn’t allow for any IT upgrades but your equipment is getting in the way of client relationships or productivity, it is probably time to rework some numbers, or talk with us about creative solutions.

Even if equipment like phone and video conferencing systems are generally working well, using a portion of your budget to upgrade them will generate a positive outcome, and potentially more revenue. For instance, having high-quality systems with fast connection creates more motivation for employees to correspond with clients, with zero worry about interruptions or connection failure. If you have employees that work remotely, upgrading your phone to a system like Mitel, which allows you to work remotely with a fully integrated desktop phone, can increase collaboration with in-office employees for creativity and idea flow.

If you upgraded your phone and video systems in 2017 now is the time to look into other IT solutions like Virtualization that can grow your business by improving ability and service availability.

If you’ve reviewed your 2017 budget and are curious about which IT solutions and phone and computer systems you should invest in for next year’s budget in, contact BCS Voice & Data today at (757) 497-3100 or use the online form.