Mitel AnyWare

At BCS Voice and Data Solutions, we believe that your business should be able to communicate flexibly, reliably and in a way that maximizes your bottom line.

If yours is like many small to medium sized companies, you may find that managing a complicated, premises-based executive phone system can be anything but flexible and reliable and often  incurs extra (and unpredictable!) communication costs. Some of the more complex systems require a specialized IT staff to fix even small issues, and employing such a staff isn’t always an option for still-growing businesses.

For those businesses, BCS recommends using a virtually hosted telephone solution (aka hosted PBX service) like Mitel AnyWare. With Mitel AnyWare’s low cost monthly per-user subscription, you receive everything you need to streamline business continuity and take the headache out of phone system management. What’s that exactly? Mitel AnyWare gives your business:

  • Mitel’s feature-rich, intuitive, executive class business telephones. One for every user.   And Mitel’s phones aren’t simply phones. They are cutting-edge, unified communications clients that put the world at your employees’ fingertips.
  • Reliable and pristine call quality.
  • Unlimited calls to the US and Canada.
  • Mobile device integration, or “Mobile Twinning.” This means that, if you so choose, calls to an employee’s desktop phone can be directly routed to his or her mobile phone. Your remote workers never have to worry about missing a call, no matter how far they are from the office.
  • Faster disaster recovery with less downtime. Mitel AnyWare’s mobile Auto Attendant continues to run your phone system, even in the event of a power outage. And with Mobile Twinning, business doesn’t have to stop short for Mother Nature.
  • Highly customizable and user-friendly web-based interface.

We can’t say enough about the benefits of using a truly complete hosted phone solution like Mitel AnyWare. Lots of voice and data solution companies provide bits and pieces of the necessary communication arsenal, but BCS in its partnership with Mitel offers the full spectrum. We come to your business, install the phone system and even train your users so they can make the most of Mitel AnyWare. And when your business grows enough that it requires a more complex premise-based phone system, we can help you with that too.


Do you think that Mitel AnyWare hosted PBX service might be the right choice for your business? Do you have some questions?  Call or contact BCS today. We are looking forward to helping you make business happen!